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All Coromal caravans are manufactured by Apollo Tourism and Leisure Ltd, a globally recognised leader in the RV industry since it was founded in 1985.


This means that when you purchase a Coromal caravan, you're guaranteed to be provided with an exceptional product and unrivalled customer service. Apollo are a multi-national company who are publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and run highly successful retail and rental RV operations in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Germany and France. 



What does this mean for you?

When you buy a Coromal caravan, you're buying an RV that's been designed and built by a team of professional engineers with decades of invaluable skills and experience in the RV industry. With dealerships across Australia and New Zealand, Apollo have an in-depth knowledge of what their customers are looking for and the level of quality that they expect. Every vehicle that leaves the Apollo factory reflects these high standards which means that all Coromal customers are guaranteed satisfaction.


Coromal Caravans Warranty


All new Coromal caravans are covered by the Apollo 5-3-3 warranty which is designed to provide our customers with the ultimate peace of mind. A Coromal caravan is a long-term investment and the level of protection provided by our warranty reflects that. The 5-3-3 warranty is applicable from the date of delivery to the original buyer of the Coromal caravan.

5 Year Structural Guarantee

We provide a guarantee for all parts of your caravan walls, windows, roof and floor for 5 years. This includes a structural support function against water incursion or a loss of structural or functional integrity.

3 Year Body and Interior Guarantee

The Apollo warranty covers all parts of the interior build of your Coromal caravan such as furniture, cabinets, wet area fittings and framing against damage that causes loss of operational integrity. This section of the warranty is subject to a "Fair Wear & Tear" consideration. 

3 Years of Roadside Assistance

When buying any Coromal caravan built by Apollo, you are guaranteed the coverage of a roadside assistance program for a minimum of 3 years. This roadside assistance is provided in partnership with Australia Wide Assist and is secured on behalf of every customer at the time of purchasing. 

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