Built for Reliability and Endurance

Maximum control, stability, predictability and safety.

Is your family looking for adventure? Looking to get away and explore this amazing country of ours? Coromal Caravans are built with your adventurous spirit in mind. Be confident in any situation when you own a Coromal.

Renowned for their towing ability the Caravan range is fitted with a fully independent Knee® suspension and galvanised chassis system combined with aluminium frame. Offering maximum control, stability, predictability and safety when subject to the harsh conditions experienced in outback Australia. Making Coromal one of the safest caravans on the road.

Built for endurance the Caravan range is built for strength by reinforcing parts of the caravan where it’s needed. All furniture is not only screwed-in but reinforced from behind the wall cavity. Combining strength and lightness of the aluminium frame with the extensive use of quality lightweight European style ply, results in a Coromal being lighter than most Australian built caravans.

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