Are you looking for Adventure? Do you crave an outdoor experience on the open roads of Australia? When the going gets tough in the harshest of Australian conditions the only caravan to turn to is a Coromal.

Built to last in the toughest Aussie conditions, all Coromal Caravans are constructed with high quality materials right here in Australia. With lightweight towing and extensive off road options the Coromal will stand up to the toughest conditions that this great country can throw at it.

So when your family is looking for an adventure, and they want to travel in comfort and style without compromising on safety and durability, then choose a Coromal Caravan because the Coromal is built for adventure.

Tried and proven, our independent suspension delivers outstanding towing ability and greater control, stability and predictability wherever you travel.

Check the weight of the caravan you are considering buying and keep in mind the weight saving and strength benefit of an aluminium frame.

RTV Pack’s (Rural Terrain Pack) It’s when the going gets tough that the Coromal really gets going. The RTV Pack is designed to give you all the muscle you need to take on all that Australia has to offer. (selected models only)

Coromal have been building caravans for adventure since 1977, originally designed to handle the harsh conditions of Western Australia’s north, these caravans and campers have become well recognised though out Australia.